Our Work

YoUthROC works in direct partnerships with youth, schools, districts, and organizations.

In 2022, YoUthROC is asking, “How do young people create sustainable change through networks or coalitional work? On the path to exploring that question, we always aim to work in reciprocity with our community partners. As such, we are continuing to develop our YPAR Series Events, which now include a fall Series I: Intro to YPAR, Series II: Research to Social Action (Feb-April), and Series III: Curriculum for Social Change (May-June). 

YoUthROC’s 2020 project asked, “In an uprising, how do youth move?”
Using autoethnography, historical artifact cataloging, social media analysis, and focal groups, the team developed a curriculum about youth in social movements for groups focused on anti-racism and ethnic studies.  The website with lessons will be made public in 2022.

YoUthROC’s 2019 project asked, “What does it take to develop accessible and sustainable spaces that center BIPOC youth?”
Based on findings from interactive surveys and focal group interviews, the team created an important curricular framework and guide. To center BIPOC youth in school and community space, YoUthROC recommends: 1. Creating kinship and shared purpose. 2. Nourishing assets and youth agency. 3. Addressing issues and taking action. Download  YoUthROC's Research Process and Recommendations.